Stoltur is a leading manufacturer of high-quality coffins in Poland, well-known and highly regarded in many European countries.
With 125 years of experience in the funeral industry as well as the dedication of successive generations places Stoltur in a leading position in the field of coffin production. We take pride in manufacturing coffins, paying attention to every smallest detail of the product that leaves our facility.
In our current product offer, you will find approximately 300 models of coffins made from various types of solid wood, including both traditional and cremation ones. Our designs are original, based on models prepared by the first owners of Stoltur. Over the years, they have only undergone modifications to meet the current needs and expectations of our customers. The wood used in their production is specially selected and undergoes rigorous quality controls at every stage of production.
We also care about environmental protection by implementing modern technological solutions. We use environmentally friendly paints, varnishes, and adhesives in accordance with European environmental standards in the production of our coffins. The wood we use during production is FSC certified. These new technologies and our rich infrastructure not only guarantee high-quality products but also enable production in an optimally shortened timeframe. We are capable of producing over 10,000 coffins per month.
Our hard work and dedication to what we do have earned us recognition not only from customers, partners, and the industry but also from institutions caring for Polish business. This is evident in the numerous awards and distinctions we have received.
In our actions, we prioritize professionalism, which results in quality, and quality leads to success.

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125 Years of tradition


We have been manufacturing coffins for 125 years. We are the leading coffin production company in Poland. By exporting our products to the markets of the European Union, we have earned the opinion of a reliable partner.


With many years of experience and with the help of modern technology, we make coffins from various types of solid wood, which correspond to good craftsmanship.


We use environmentally friendly paints, varnishes and adhesives. Our products are subject to continuous quality controls. We focus on professionalism, quality and reliability, because only this guarantees that our products will defend themselves.